[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-name2ipv4

Gets the IP (A-Record) of a domain name. By default uses the OS DNS unless you provide a different one in the config box.


Hi @gotj,
Thanks for sharing this node!!!
Recently we needed (for another discussion) a way to find the TXT records of a domain.
Would be nice if you could add that to your node, e.g. checkboxes to specify what you need (and of course by default the A-record selected).
I see in your code that you use the dns module, so 'think' this can be accomplished via dns.resolveTxt(domain, callback).
Hopefully you like this idea...


There you go:

You owe me one.

Have a nice day.

That is true!!!
Because you have helped me so quickly, you will receive a vip ticket in your local post office to use one of my nodes for free during one month :rofl:
Thanks a lot! I appreciate it...


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