[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-pisupply-pijuice-pis0212

Announcing node-red-contrib-pisupply-pijuice-pis0212 which provides working nodes for a pijuice "UPS shield" for a Raspberry Pi.

After installing the pijuice shield and getting the pijuice_cli control program working, configure and test the PiJuice to user requirements, then the Node-RED node can be installed and almost everything seen on the "status page" of the pijuice_cli program becomes a readable node in Node-RED.

The node comes with an example demonstration flow, showing how the voltage and current output by the PiJuice to the Pi can be multiplied to calculate the wattage drawn by the Pi. Which varies around 3000 mW or so.

Have a great day and enjoy monitoring the battery of your Pi's onboard UPS shield!

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