[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-queue-gate


A new node, node-red-contrib-queue-gate, has been uploaded to npm. This is an enhanced version of node-red-contrib-simple-gate that additionally allows messages to be queued and released at a later time. See the discussion at Gate node using Blockly.

From the help text:
The node will transmit the input message to its output when in the open state and block it when closed. In the queueing state, the input message is added to the end of the message queue, provided space is available. The user can limit the size of the queue to prevent memory problems. Messages in the queue can be released (in the order received) either singly or the entire queue at once.

Messages with the user-defined topic Control Topic (set when the node is deployed) are not passed through but are used to control the state of the gate or the queue.

Control messages can have values representing commands that change the state of the gate: open, close, toggle, queue, or default. Messages that control the queue are trigger, flush and purge. The (case-insensitive) strings representing these commands are set by the user when the node is deployed. If a control message is received but not recognized, there is no output or change of state, and the node reports an error.

When first deployed or after a default command, the gate is in the user-selected state defined by Default State.

The node can be downloaded from npm, GitHub, or the palette manager.

[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-queue-gate (version 1.0.0)

this sounds very thorough ! :+1:


It would be helpful if you could add your git repo URL to the 'repository' field name in your package.json file, so users can see in more detail how the node works.


I realized there was a problem but didn't know how to solve it. Thanks for the help. This is my first go at using GitHub and npm, so there are bound to be glitches. Please keep pointing them out.


Giving this a try out in queue mode - all well so far

Minor feedback - the node is labelled q gate but help text says q-gate - pick one and stick with it :slight_smile:

Also flush and purge are too similar in meaning - maybe change flush to something like release?


(For the delay node we use reset and flush)


Good catch. It's supposed to have the hyphen. I'll fix it.


I'm with @dceejay on this. "Flush" is pretty standard for mail and other other queues. "Delete" sounds a bit strong, so "reset" works for me. It will be a couple of days before I can update.


Strange. I'm not finding any problem in the html file. Is it possible that the editor is doing something to the name, perhaps the way it strips out -in and -out from node names?


OK - flush and reset :slight_smile:


This oddity will be resolved in version 1.0.1 by adding
paletteLabel: "q–gate"
to the html file. HOWEVER, the character in this palletLabel that appears to be a hyphen is actually Unicode U+2013 (en dash) not Unicode: U+002D (hyphen-minus). Using U+002D in palletLabel also causes the hyphen to disappear in the palette, tending to confirm my suspicion that the editor is responsible.