[NEW FEATURE] node-red-contrib-queue-gate (version 1.3.0)

Node-red-contrib-queue-gate is a node for controlling message flow, including message queueing capability. This update adds the option to change the behavior of the toggle command. Previously, this command could only switch the node between the open and closed states, with no effect on the queueing state. In the new version, the effect of the toggle command depends on the option selected using the Toggle between open and queueing checkbox. In the default (unchecked) case, the node behavior is unchanged. When the option is selected, the node toggles between the open and queueing states, with the queue being flushed each time the open state is entered.

The change is intended to be backward compatible, so that users who do not want the new feature will not need to upgrade. Please report bugs or issues here or on GitHub.

Thanks to Simon Walters (@cymplecy) for suggesting and helping to implement this feature.