[Announce] node-red-contrib-redplc-module (Using redPlc module nodes without ladder logic)

Many users ask me how use the redPlc module nodes (e.g mcp23008 or gpio) without ladder logic.
For this, I develope nodes for get/set the module nodes with data from/to other Node-Red nodes
(e.g Dashboard or MQTT).

Here an Example:
Switches are connected to gpio pin GPIO04 and GPIO17.

Set GPIO04, GPIO17 as input-pullup.

mcp23008 is used as output and drives leds on GP0 and GP1.

Set mcp23008 as output.

GPIO04 turns GP0 on/off.

GPIO17 sets Dashboard switch GPIO17.

Dashboard switch GP1 sets output GP1.


hi iiot2k

do you mind adding the export from this flow?