[Announce] node-red-contrib-sox-utils


I finally published my sox nodes to npm and you can now install them directly from the pallet instead of having to install from the repository:

This set of nodes wraps a lot of the functionality of the sox command line utility for use in node-red.
It is mostly developed to work under Linux but the record and convert node will also completely work on Mac OS, the play node won’t right now but I’m working on it.
It won’t work on windows as I don’t own a windows machine so won’t be able to develop for it.
Key features are:

  • Record Node:
    • record from any attached audio device or stream of raw buffers
    • output as:
      • a stream of raw buffers
      • a single raw or wav buffer after recording
      • write audio directly to a wav file
    • configurable record duration
    • adjustable silence detection
    • control either with button or input msg
    • record with added effects by attaching msg.options to the start message
  • Convert Node:
    • convert from any format sox can play
    • convert to:
      • wav
      • flac
      • mp3
      • ogg
    • can also be used to apply effects to audio by passing them with msg.options (trimming, normalizing, filters, vad)
  • Play node:
    • Play any format supported by sox
    • choose the output device
    • select input behaviors from queuing, replace current playback or ignoring if already playing
    • a mode to play a stream of raw pcm buffers is also available

and many more smaller functions like switchable detailed debug information on the second output.

As always any feature request, bugs reports and feedback is welcome in the repository:

Have fun with it,