[Update] node-red-contrib-sox-utils (beta) 0.4.5

This update brings some minor fixes plus the ability to set the output file dynamically with msg.filename for both the record and convert node.


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Wow that was quick!

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But dont ask me what the movie was about me and my girlfriend were watching tonight :see_no_evil:


Interesting issue on macOS, If I set Start/Stop to 'control with msg.payload' it works fine. But if I change it to 'control with button on node', as soon as I press the button I get an error in the debug:

1/30/2021, 8:36:14 AM   node: b640954b.a3fbe
msg : string[55]

"Error. This node only works on Linux with ALSA and Sox."
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Ill look into it :+1:t2:

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