[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-ui-multistate-switch: version 1.1.0

You'r right. It takes a bit brutal force :slight_smile:

.multistate-switch-wrapper {
    border: none !important;

If you use widget in group, then the rule is not applied for another tab (if you are using the widget on multiple tabs). So you know if that happen.

That did it. So useful! I'll just append !important; for anything not going my way.

This is fine if you are end-user.
If you create something for wide use, and you find yourself to be forced to use the !important flag, it just shows that something went wrong. Back to drawing board ...

Hi, where does that code go? In one of the .js files?

It is used as dashboard styles override. Here's how to do it: đź–Ś Customize dashboard CSS

The border around the buttons makes the "switch-like" look for widget. But technically it is nav-bar or menu. So it is highly possible to get much better results if to use dedicated components


Thank you, this is a great node.

Perhaps as a wish for the next version: I miss the opportunity to influence the topic of the outgoing message. My use case is that I transfer the value as a payload and use the Topic to determine the source for a value. Of course I can do this with an additional change node after the node, but it would be nice to be able to influence this in the node itself as the other UI nodes have such a possibility.



Could you create an issue in the node's repo pls.
The node author is taking a well earned short break, and your suggestion may otherwise get missed.

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The request is noted and quite reasonable :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hi nice work.

And is JSON output possible?

Why do you want a JSON output? JSON is always a string.


s it usable with on touch screens ?

thank you Remi

Hi RĂ©mi, welcome to the forum.

It's easy to test this for yourself by installing the node and using the example flow which is provided by the node, and see if it works.
If it does not work, then either raise an issue with the node author, or posting a request here in the forum.

Hi Paul,

Thank you you right. I'ma a beginner with node red & github :slight_smile:
I will.
How ever, when reconsidering my need, I will try to formulate it in a new forum subject.

Thank you, and have a good WE.

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When I use HomeKit Bridge Node than there always has to be a JSON input like {"On":true} and {"On":false}
So it would be easy if the output is JSON I think.

Are you sure it wants a String input? I would have expected it to want a javascript object not a JSON string.

Here stops my knowledge.... If you think it is better to use JavaScript object. :wink:

I think you may be confused about JSON and javascript objects.
This post should help to clarify the difference.

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Ok, then we will need to add an extra option in the TypedInput of the "value" column, so you can send javascript objects in the output messages (to avoid having to use an extra Change node). We will put that on our TODO list, and implement it when I'm back into business. Until then you will need to add that Change node...