[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-ui-multistate-switch: version 1.1.0

Hi folks,

Mister @hotNipi and myself are proud to announce that version 1.1.0 of our multipart switch node is available in the palette:


Lots of things have been fixed, and lots of new functionality has been added.
See our readme page for more information.

Have fun with it!


P.S. I won't be able to develop in the next month or two, so please give my partner a break from time to time :wink:.
Enjoy Node-RED meanwhile!!!


Thanks, both of you! Very useful new widget.

Get well soon, Bart! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks to both. This is nice.
But I have a question: if I use inject node to change the state, it does change the state in ui, but do not send anything through to debug node from it’s output. Only if I change the state by clicking the control directly the debug node shows the new state. Am I doing something wrong?

Excellent Bart and co. Now I can have that On Off Auto control. Thanks

Yes, the developers are aware, and that feature will be added in the future.
There is a ongoing discussion about how it will be implemented, but no decision has been made yet.


This is a great addition for my dashboard, Thanks.
I'd like to change the color or hide the border and have tried a CSS template using .multistate-switch-wrapper without luck:


Am I on the right track?

To hide the border:

.multistate-switch-wrapper {
    border: none;

Darn, it did not hide. Tried border:0 too. I'm using the "widget in group" option.


Screenshot from 2021-03-10 10-55-43

You'r right. It takes a bit brutal force :slight_smile:

.multistate-switch-wrapper {
    border: none !important;

If you use widget in group, then the rule is not applied for another tab (if you are using the widget on multiple tabs). So you know if that happen.

That did it. So useful! I'll just append !important; for anything not going my way.

This is fine if you are end-user.
If you create something for wide use, and you find yourself to be forced to use the !important flag, it just shows that something went wrong. Back to drawing board ...

Hi, where does that code go? In one of the .js files?

It is used as dashboard styles override. Here's how to do it: đź–Ś Customize dashboard CSS

The border around the buttons makes the "switch-like" look for widget. But technically it is nav-bar or menu. So it is highly possible to get much better results if to use dedicated components


Thank you, this is a great node.

Perhaps as a wish for the next version: I miss the opportunity to influence the topic of the outgoing message. My use case is that I transfer the value as a payload and use the Topic to determine the source for a value. Of course I can do this with an additional change node after the node, but it would be nice to be able to influence this in the node itself as the other UI nodes have such a possibility.



Could you create an issue in the node's repo pls.
The node author is taking a well earned short break, and your suggestion may otherwise get missed.

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The request is noted and quite reasonable :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hi nice work.

And is JSON output possible?