[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-ui-multistate-switch: version 1.1.0

Why do you want a JSON output? JSON is always a string.


s it usable with on touch screens ?

thank you Remi

Hi Rémi, welcome to the forum.

It's easy to test this for yourself by installing the node and using the example flow which is provided by the node, and see if it works.
If it does not work, then either raise an issue with the node author, or posting a request here in the forum.

Hi Paul,

Thank you you right. I'ma a beginner with node red & github :slight_smile:
I will.
How ever, when reconsidering my need, I will try to formulate it in a new forum subject.

Thank you, and have a good WE.

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When I use HomeKit Bridge Node than there always has to be a JSON input like {"On":true} and {"On":false}
So it would be easy if the output is JSON I think.

Are you sure it wants a String input? I would have expected it to want a javascript object not a JSON string.

Here stops my knowledge.... If you think it is better to use JavaScript object. :wink:

I think you may be confused about JSON and javascript objects.
This post should help to clarify the difference.

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Ok, then we will need to add an extra option in the TypedInput of the "value" column, so you can send javascript objects in the output messages (to avoid having to use an extra Change node). We will put that on our TODO list, and implement it when I'm back into business. Until then you will need to add that Change node...

Thanks, Nice !

:+1: Super, learning every day!


Very Nice!! Thank you!!

I have just implemented into my dashboards and find it works very well, one suggestion/request though... Would it be possible to have a check-box option to enable/disable passthrough of messages?

While I find it suits 50% of the scenarios as is, I have on a lot of my flows, telegram/external control as well... It would simplify and neaten layout a lot... See Below:

Of course, the option of a outgoing topic would also be awesome!

Many thanks for the very handy node you spent your time on!


This feature has been asked already a couple of times both on Discourse and Github. But that will have to wait until I can develop again, i.e. in a month or two.

No Problem!! Well worth waiting for!!

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I use this node in a project that is deployed on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Official Pi Touch Screen... It works very well in fact.

Hello all,
I have just switched to using this node in place of multiple normal buttons side by side and would like to achieve a similar size and look - 2 widget units high.

I noticed that it is not possible to increase the height of this node to more than 1 unit in the actual node settings. I can increase the height using the generic dashboard layout tool, but the widget still displays as 1 unit high.

Is it possible to increase the height of the multistate switch widget using CSS or otherwise?

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just figured this out for myself, you can adjust the height by adding the following to a template node:

.multistate-switch-button {
line-height: XYZem;
.multistate-switch-slider {
height: XYZem;
transform: translate(0.25em, XYZem);
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I like this node a lot ... it offers plenty of opportunities. Thanks a lot guys!!

Would it be an option or reasonable request to add the selection of icons instead of (loong-german-) label, which then messes up the otherwise slim layout? :blush:

Here is a potential use case (widget group: Windows & Shutter)

  • line 1 my non-mulistate-switch variant
  • line 2 multistate-switch variant - which provides less distraction, if text is short
  • line 3 multistate-switch variant - long text, which messes things up

Although not the answer you are probably wanting... but
It shouldn't be too difficult to change this example to include icons instead of text.
Look at lines 8, 9 & 10 in the ui_template nodes for the labels.

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Thanks Paul. Indeed an option to play with for the time being. Cool :+1:

Hi @jodelkoenig,
That makes sense. However I have been out for a couple of months, and now I have a big backlog of other stuff that I need to solve before I can continue with this node...

My partner @hotNipi shared some time ago this nice picture with me:


But I have forgotten how he managed to get the icon there. Hopefully he can refresh my brain :wink: