[ANNOUNCE] node-red-rtsp-to-mjpeg : version 1.0.0

Hi folks,

I needed to install a cam quickly at my fathers house, and I needed a stream of images. Which means an MJPEG stream.

However it seems that some manufacturers don't offer MJPEG streams anymore in their new IP cams, but only RTSP. While RTSP is much better, I was stuck and needed a quick and dirty solution.

So I developed node-red-rtsp-to-mjpeg which connects via RTSP to a camera, and outputs an MJPEG stream:


The nodes status text is not always entirely correct, but didn't have time to troubleshoot that.

And the decoding of the RTSP stream and encoding of the JPEG images is rather CPU intensitive. So not sure if it is something you should use in a production setup. But it might be very handy in some particular use cases.

Let's call it a convenience node to get easily up and running. Of course if you need a better full blown solution, the nodes from @kevinGodell are still the way to go!

Have fun with it!