Convert HTTP-Stream into RTSP-Stream

Hello guys!

Im completely new to the Node-RED environment, so please have mercy :grinning:

As part of my thesis I am trying to get the video-stream of an IP-based device.
The idea is to grab the images and use the "multipart-encoder" to get a resulting http-stream. But unfortunately my video-management-software (in which I want to integrate the stream) don't support http, only RTSP.

Is there a way to convert the http-stream into a RTPS-stream?

Many thanks in advance!

PS: I am only using the web-interface of Node-RED.. :+1:

Yes, several, but this is nothing to do with node red. You can, for example, use ffmpeg or vlc. convert the http-stream into a RTPS-stream? - Google Search

maybe you want to have a look at this (long) thread, and its related topics...

Perhaps not entirely node red unrelated then.

Hi @Timmy275,
Doesn't your ip cam offer an rtsp stream? Becuse when you want to convert mjpeg to mp4, I assume lots of memory and cpu will be needed...

First of all: Thank you for your answers!

@Colin yeah, vlc would do the job, but I am using an all-in-one-system:
It's a "VIVOTEK IE9111-O". A KI-Box you can install several apps on, which edit the video-stream in multiple ways. Node-Red is one of the apps and grabs the video-stream from another video-editing-app. So vlc is not an option because of the limited availability of apps and the necessity to do every work on the KI-Box.

@BartButenaers I think this answers your question, too? The KI-Box and the installed app unluckily don't support RTSP.. :neutral_face:

If you can't install something like vlc or ffmpeg and the native s/w does not support rtsp then I think your quest is doomed to failure.

What format streams does your IP device provide? Also, why do you need to capture images and build an http stream, can't you use the stream directly from the device?

[Edit] I am confused about what s/w is running in which device. Please provide a bit more information.

Yes indeed, if you could draw a quick scetch of your setup, that would help. So we can seen the whole flow, starting from your ip cam-->...-->...-->...

And like Colin says, if you can't run things like ffmpeg then your chance for success wiil drop...

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