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Hello Folks,

I have a a G4 Dome (Ubiquiti UniFi) running, that provides me an rtsps-link for streaming the webcam.

The rtsps-link looks like this: rtsps:// (Example pattern)

Node Red is running on a Raspberry 4, Model B, 2GB RAM.

I googled a lot ,to get the stream running on the Node Red Dashboard, but I did not find a working solution.

However, via homebridge I was able to install the Homebridge UniFi Protect Plugin. May be via "homebridge" I can bring the live-stream to the Node Red Dashboard. But I don't know how.

So, if somebody can help, or knows a solution, I would highly appreciate feedback, to get the rtsps-stream running on Dashboard.

Thx, Martin

Hi @martino

This is covered in great depth here.

Browsers do not support producing footage from RTSP directly - you will need middleware to do so, hence your mileage will vary.

You need to convert the RTSP stream to a MJPEG stream, or fMP4 if you wanted to go down that route.

I am unfamiliar with rtsps, but for now I am assuming it is very similar to rtsp. Let's try to get some details about the video source so that we can figure out your options.

You will need to install ffmpeg and ffprobe. After that, run this command and post the output that shows what type of video/audio you have.

ffprobe -i "rtsps://" -print_format json
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