[Announce] Node-RED Runtime Bundler for 1.5MB AWS Lambda Functions

Hello everyone,

this is my first project with Node-RED - so please be patience with me :slight_smile:

My goal is to provide a very small runtime which reduces cold start times and allows to use flows to build AWS Lambda functions without editor support.

Current Results:

  • Package-Size for simple Event IN->OUT flow: 1.5MB
  • Lambda Coldstart Duration: 50ms / Init Duration: 350.54 ms
  • Lambda recurrent calls Duration: 1.8-2.0ms (Memory Size: 1024 MB Max Memory Used: 89 MB)

The created single Javascript file can be executed in any Node >=14 environment. All needed Node-RED modules and Nodes (needed by the flow) are included.

I am happy to hear your Feedback and yes, the cold start times need some more work.

Thanks to everyone for the existing software I was able to built on.

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