Announce: Sample Atlas-Scientifc EZO-RTD over i2c Flow

I get a fair number of requests for reading from Atlas-Scientific EZO devices. So I've decided I will start to share sample flows of each of the devices that I have.

I'm starting with the RTD, as most users have this one. This flow is AS-IS, but is a good starting point for working with a variety of the EZO devices over i2c using Node-RED. There is some overhead in this sample flow, that uses the SCAN command to find EZO devices and keep track of them. This overhead makes it easy to adapt this flow for a number of EZO devices. You just have to duplicate push buttons, graphs, values, toggles etc for each Device type. You also need to expand the Case statements in the function blocks to keep accomodate other EZO devices that you are using.

1 Caveat... This flow does not work with multiple instances of the same device type. If you have more that one EZO-RTD present, you will need to use something other that the Device that is returned by the Status statement (the mechanism that is used by this flow) and instead assign unique Names to your devices using the NAME command in your initial setup (recommend using Termite for that exercise) and then fetch Names in your flow to keep track of the multiple instances.

2 Caveat... For this sample flow I designed the Dashboard to display mutliple items clearly on the 7" Official RaspberryPi Touch Display... So there are a few CSS overrides present in this flow... You can simply disable that node if you don't want everything sized so small.

Please read the comments in the flow library for this sample.

This sample flow was extracted from a larger flow, so there might be a few artifacts remaining (like unassigned dashboard groups, etc...). Just ignore them.