I2c reading Atlas Scientific PH EZO

I would like to read from i2c device (PH EZO Atlas Scientific) (https://www.atlas-scientific.com/product_pages/circuits/ezo_ph.html)

I can read out the PH sensor using a Python script so hardware wise it's working fine. But I would like to integrate it into Dashboard from Node-red.
The python script starts and the you need to input some command manual like: Poll,2 or R or I

I found a flow https://flows.nodered.org/flow/80fa54d83213202e33d599483a6a8fcd but it uses SERIAL and I don't have serial connection. I have only i2c connection.

I installed node-red-contrib-i2c and the settings ask for COMMAND and it only accept numeric not Poll,2 or R or I. Address is no problem this is 99 so OK

Is there a solution for this?


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you could also try the node-red-node-daemon node and use that to call the python code you have and then inject the required commands as needed.

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Have you figured this out yet? I have the exact same issue. Please send an update if you have one! Thank in advance!

Hi RoryCodes
yesterday my solution arrived from Aliexpress.
I used the Atlas Scientific PH print and en UART device from Ali.
This works with the flow I already found!

I used the UART part of the CH341A print

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Check this out.

it's solved. I've succeeded in reading the EZO RTD, EZO pH, and EZO FLO Stamps.

Where I struggle now is multiple byte command like 'Clear' to zero out the flow totalizer on the EZO FLO stamp. I'll have the same issues when I go to calibrate. Watch that thread that I referenced, as that's probably where I'll place my answers.


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