Cannot read I2C Atlas Scientific PH EC sensor

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Bonjour Hello

Voici le projet que je veux utiliser :

Here is the project I want to use :

Après avoir installé tous les nodes est adapter certaine partie du programme.

After having installed all the nodes is to adapt certain part of the program.

Je n’arrive pas à comprendre comment faire pour lire les sondes PH et EC atlas Scientific.

I cannot figure out how to read the atlas Scientific PH and EC probes.

Quand je fais un I2C scan je trouve bien PH 99=0x63, EC 100=0x64, Temp 102=0x66.

When I do an I2C scan I find PH 99 = 0x63, EC 100 = 0x64, Temp 102 = 0x66.

Dans le flow, Node Edit exe node il faut rentrer une commande spéciale ????

In the flow, Node Edit exe node you have to enter a special command ????

Je suis un peu perdu.

I am a little lost.


Merci pour votre aide. Thanks for your help.

flows (7).json (16.3 KB)

I had this issue. I found a Fix that I describe in an entry that I made in this thread on May 1, 2020.

Scroll down until you see my entry for May 1, 2020.. and I describe using the i2c nodes to read Atlas-Sci EZO circuits.

Unfortunatley, the thread is closed becuase I did not update the information in a timely fashion, but the information is still relevant.

The thread can be re-opened if you think that there is stuff to add that will make it more useful in the future.

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