[ANNOUNCEMENT] Dropbox node versie 2.1.0 (beta) - refresh token refactored

@BartButenaers I like the node a lot and works very well (for several weeks now), no problems at all. I use the node to automatically make backups of flows, settings and databases to Dropbox.


A month later and this is working great. I have easily added a couple of other flows to back up other things. Thank you again. Having backups off site is a great peace of mind.


Ok, so I can not get this to work.
Finally updated NodeRed on my RPI, 3.02
Have done a apt update && apt full-upgrade
Removed the dropbox with manage palette
Restarted nodered with node-red-restart
Installed dropbox through manage palette
Went through all the setup steps, and it seems fine
I do belive I have been given the app all the permissions it need to be able to write to dropbox
But I got the error

6.4.2023, 12:47:58node: 08a5cad53066f95emsg : string[31]

"download failed [object Object]"

Any ideas where I go wrong?

EDIT: This is the permissions given, [
account_info.read account_info.write contacts.read contacts.write file_requests.read file_requests.write files.content.read files.content.write files.metadata.read files.metadata.write openid sharing.read sharing.write

EDIT 2: Well if I use the correct node it works like a charm.

I must thank all involved to get this up functioning again, this node has saved me in the past and I believe it will save me in the future as well.

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