Any login to github fail

I hope someone can help me. I read documentation and watched video from @knolleary and also read discussion here.

I think, I have done all things right. First I tried https. I get a box for login and password. I wrote it right but dont get access. The same work in a browser, also a private browser shell, also here in Node-Red.

Than I generated a ssh-key like in the video and put it do my github. The same - no access. I also tried to clone my project -no access.

The error-message: Authentication failed

In the log-file there is nothing to see regarding this problem.

Many thanks

You need to create an access token on github. Enter this as your login, no password required.

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Thanks @ghayne - it works!

But I don't understand, why ssh doesn't work. It' recommended from github to use this and not an access token. But for now it works for me :).

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