Any way to left-justify labels?

Is there any way to left-justify the label text for buttons and switches on the dashboard?

There is BUT it will effect all buttons. Add a ui-template node and add the following to the node

.nr-dashboard-button .md-button {
    text-align: LEFT;

You maye be able to further isolate the effect to one button by 'child' attributes, but I'll leave that for you to investigate. :grin:

For that template node you will use to override site CSS the configuration is also important.
The template type must be configured like this


:spiral_notepad: The category of this topic should be Dashboard

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(I've move this to the Dashboard category)

Thanks- (Both of you), that was easy.
Where did you find the information what to modify? Is there an API or is the information in the default CSS file? I am not afraid to experiment, but CSS is one of my weakest areas.

I used my browsers code examiner to find the element involved and then tested the change

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