Dashboard 'button' label normal/capital text

The label of a button in the dashboard always seems to use capital letters ... afais!?
Need to change the 'label' dynamically with {{msg.payload}}. The generated string has "kWh", but the button on the dashboard shows "KWH" ... not nice!
How do I get it the way it is set with the string?

I use a ui-template node with some CSS styling to stop Node-RED from transforming the text.


Set the Template Type to Widget in Group at the top of the node.


Obviously you can leave out .masonary-container part.

This is what the text looks like on a button.
sample button text

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Yes, the 'ui-template' don't capitalize the text ... also without the extra <style>.
But I need (would like) to display the string on two lines. With the Dashboard button the use of <br> will brake to two lines, I didn't found a possibility to break it to two lines with the 'ui-template' and using <button> </button> ... which I think is normal with HTML/CSS :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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