Button text forced to uppercase

For the first time I am using a dashboard button and I notice that the text on the button is always in uppercase, whatever I put in the button configuration. Is that expected?

Node-RED version: v1.0.2
Node.js version: v10.18.1
Dashboard version 2.17.1
Running on Ubuntu.

This intentional and based on the material design design guidelines:

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You can change the behaviour by adding text-transform: capitalize; to the button style.

That isn't really what I want either, I just want the text displayed as entered. Or do you mean that if I force text-transform: none then it will leave them alone?

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Indeed, if you use text-transform: none; then it will will stay as it was.

OK, thanks.

where to add text-transform: none;?

To ui_button.html?

you can add the following to a ui_template node set with template style "Added to site head section":

    text-transform: none !important;