How to force ui_text value to NOT be bold

I'm novice at html I thought this should be simple, but I've been wasting quiet sometime on this.
So, other than using a ui_template node, how do I force the value on a ui_text to appear in normal font, to not be bold?

Nothing seems to work, whether I change the font weight or the size or even making it italic, it still appears bold. Help?

I tried (none of them cancel boldness):
<p style="font-weight:lighter;">{{msg.payload}}</p>
<p style="font-size:10px;">{{msg.payload}}</p>

Put this in a ui template node and set msg.className to widget (the widget bit can be whatever you like)

    .nr-dashboard-text.widget > p.value {


This perhaps explains it better How to use pay load in one text output trigger color applied to another? - Dashboard - Node-RED Forum (

ah finally, thank you! it worked.

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