Any way to update data from sqlite database two table on dashboard

Currently I have been using node-red to send MQTT data to a SQLite Database and store the data. I then used the dashboard for end users on the production floor to see the last 25 rows in the database.

I used the template node to create a Table that only holds 25 rows of data on the dashboard. And I made a buton to click to grab the newest 25 rows of data from the SQLite database.

My question is there a way to get rid of the button and have the table automatically generate the newest data entry to the bottom of the table and then roll off the oldest data entry.

I will Leave a Picture of my Node red and the dashboard within the template node.

You could use an inject node to fire off at what ever frequency you want or maybe a slider on the dashboard to set the refresh time. I also believe that tabulator allows you to remove and insert rows into the table. Take a look at the tabulator documentation

Thank You, I just overlooked the inject node having an interval.. My mistake

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