Apache, SSL, Reverse Proxy - getting dependent files to load


Trying to add nodeRed to an existing 2-server setup where both servers run apache and server #1 uses ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse to handle the traffic between the backend server and the internet.

Right now server #1 fields domain names and uses a cert from letsencrypt for SSL.
To encrypt between the 2 servers, server #2 which does not have any named domains in the setup, uses a self-signed cert.

I want to run nodeRed on server #2 and access through server #1 using ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse.

In the settings file I:

  1. uncommented the fs module so as to load it.
  2. changed the port number for obsuscation.
  3. set requireHttps to true.

I set the https .key and .pem paths to:

These were included in the installation and I thought I would use them to test.

Upon doing so, and directing the virtual host on server #1 to ProxyPass
https://MYDOMAINNAME.com/node to https://IP-OF-SERVER-#2:XXXX

The interface attempts to load, but all the dependent files (css, js, etc) fail to load and return 404 because paths and files such as https://MYDOMAINNAME.com/red/red.min.js do not exist and I do not know how to direct them.

Is this a lost cause?

Thanks for your time.