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Really hoping someone can help me out, I am just starting to get dangerous with node.red but am still very much green. I believe what I am trying to do is rather simple, just can't wrap my head around it.
What I want to do is using node red to create a event listener, I then would like to receive these events and trigger events in another application by sending another HTTP request based off of response parameters. The program I want to receive events offers and API that allows me to either make individual API calls for recent events or subscribe to a stream.....I would prefer the streaming route however once I finally get this working am confused about how I can initiate the stream again in the event communications stop. I also have the ability to filter the event stream response but for now just figured let it all come thru....Also for testing purposes running I have API authentication disabled.
The API call to subscribe to the event stream is as follows:
A program issues a StreamEvents call to request streaming of events.
Multiple events can be included in a response. The elements included in the EVENT element are dependent upon the specific event type. Not all elements are included in every notification. Event notifications
commence starting from the issuance of the request. Past events are not delivered through this interface. The program is responsible for re-issuing the request in the event that it gets disconnected from the system.
Every ten seconds, a keep-alive response containing zero events is streamed to the client via the
StreamEvents command.

How do I go about setting this request up? More importantly what would the best means of filtering the responses be? I've included the program API guide as a reference......anyone out there willing to take a couple minutes and help would be beyond appreciated!! THANKS!

S2_NetBox_API_14.pdf (1.0 MB)

I'm not sure if this is related as I've got no experience on http event streaming but it sounds like this discussion might help you get the stream setup at least: [ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-sse-client

Yes indeed that is also my first impression. I have no time to read the pdf now, but I see "multiple events in a single response" and "re-issuing a request" and "keep-alive"... I'm not sure if SSE supports all that stuff, since I'm not using that node myself (I only implemented it to help somebody on this forum at the time being)...

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