Aquara Door Sensor


I recently purchased Aquara door sensors and their accompanying hub.

Is there an easy way to get the sensors seen by Node Red to create a flow to notify if a door is left open?

If this brand isn't particularly supported by node red, what brand would you suggest?

Hi @abreyen maybe this could helps you All Aqara sensors in NodeRED, personally, I prefer sonoff sensor, because you can flash tasmota firmware and enable MQTT protocol, also shelly door sensor its come with MQTT protocol inside. I hope this can helps you!

The Aquara sensors use Zigbee wireless. So actually, you don't really need their hub but rather a "dongle" Zigbee adapter for your node-red server. You would then install the free Zegbee2MQTT and the Mosquitto MQTT broker and then you can access all the data in Node-RED. Check out the Zigbee2MQTT website for recommended Zigbee dongles.

In most cases, Zigbee will be better than WiFi for sensors and controls and with the addition of low-cost mains-powered Zigbee units strategically placed, you can also easily extend the network.

The Aquara units are known to be well made and reliable I believe. Ikea Zigbee units are also good value and well made.

Tasmota is for WiFi which is OK for powered units but not so good for battery ones and you are dependent on the position of your access point(s). So though Zigbee requires a little more initial setup, once done, adding units and extending the network is trivial and cost effective. You also don't have to mess with trying to battle with custom firmware installs either.


I meant Sonoff ZB - door sensor (that use Zigbee, no WiFi), the only thing that you need to do is flash your Gateway or Bridge Zigbee with Tasmota firmware, that is the only device that not use battery, for sure.

Why do you do that?

Amm, I only do this when i want to use local communication (offline) via MQTT with my sensors...

Sesor -> zigbee -> Bridge ZB -> MQTT -> Node-RED -> Dashboard

Oh I see, I don't do it that way. I use a zigbee controller plugged into the pi or pc and use zigbee2mqtt to interface with mqtt. Then there is no flashing to do. It is all off the shelf hardware and s/w.


The Zigbee controller I use is this one. SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus - SONOFF Official

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This solution looks more interesting...thank you for share!

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