Are forum emails working?

I have email mode enabled for the forum, which normally sends me an email for every post, but I have not received any since last night. Is this a problem with the forum? I know that Google (gmail) was having problems the other day but other emails are being received ok.

Not delved into the email logs before, so lets see what I can see...

I can see you were last sent an email 15 hours ago, and then you, along with 93 other people, had emails bounce due to the gmail outage.

I can see that emails are being successfully sent in general to users.

Looking at your profile in particular, I can see the bounces have triggered the system that stops it endless sending email to invalid addresses. If I understand it right, it won't try sending you another email until January 14th 2021.

But luckily for you, there's a 'Reset bounce score' button I can click which clears your bounce count and it'll start sending you email again.

Sadly for me, I have 93 other users accounts to now manually go through and check their bounce score....

Many thanks. Sorry to land you with that tedious task. I wonder if you could sue Google. Probably not.

[Edit] Confirmed working again, thanks.

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