Notifications for the forum

I was helping someone with their Tasmota bulb in a thread.

I posted a couple of things and got some likes. (Good)

But then I got a reply: No notification received.

To clarify:
1 - I didn't get an e-mail. (Slightly worrying)
2 - When I came here and was posting to another thread I didn't get a notification here either.
I only know because I was curious and went looking through the posts/threads and saw there was a new post in the thread - the link posted above.

Ok, the likes I am not too worried. I usually see them when I look at this page.

Anyone? (Who knows)

Have you checked your forum settings, especially Emails & Notifications ?
You won't get an alert if you are currently active in the forum and your settings are like this.

That's what I see.

I guess it will have to be put down to Gremlins

I don't think it's gremlins Andrew, it's the way Discourse emails work.

If your email setting is set as 'Only when away' (which you have confirmed above) then you will not get an email if you are currently logged into the forum.
Discourse assume that you are 'away' if it hasn't seen you for at least 10 minutes.


I was away for well over 10 minutes and when I loaded my e-mail program I didn't have any e-mail notifications and when I came here .... (De Ja vous)

I agree that I should get notifications and a I didn't screen grab it is difficult to show.
Though that doesn't really achieve much other than it is a snap shot of things as they were.

No problems. I don't want to waste people's time chasing such trivial things because I am reading there are other, more important, things in the pipeline which will be of greater good to the many.

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