Argument --title missing in node-red-pi script



During setup of two NR instances I've found an issue in the node-red-pi script. Here is what I've done so far to run 2 NR instances on one Raspi.

  • I copied and renamed the service files like nodered1 and nodered2
  • Set the arguments for different settings and userdir in the service files
  • I copied and renamed the node-red-start / stop to call the right service files
  • I got my 2 instances, but with the same process name
  • Then I tried to set the --title argument in the service files as well to get different process names. But that
    doesn't work I always got nodered as the process name.
  • I then figured out that the --title argument is not taken in the node-red-pi script and therefore not set as
    argument for red.js script where the process name is set.
  • After setting --title as well in the node-red-pi script everything was fine and each instance has its own name.
    So may be this could be a small enhancement to the node-re-pi script. But I don't have enough knowledge in this area to finally say this is the correct way to run multiple instances of NR.
    Cheers Karl-Heinz