Too many node red instances to keep track

I have a few instances of node red running and I would like to add a simple title to the title bar so I can keep track of which one I'm accessing. Often its just an IP address so having something to show a name would be good.

Is there a config item for this?

The simplest approach would be to add a text string after the Node Red logo and the text, Node-Red.

A better approach would allow the logo and text to be replaced.


So changing the favicon and icon would be OK? as per the docs on settings.js see section on Editor Themes

I think a title property in the settings would be a good idea.

It could be displayed as the <title> and as text along side the Node-RED text.

Something like...


I’ve never needed to change it, but isn’t that what the title in the settings.js does?

page: {
        title: "Node-RED",

Yes, that is exactly what that is

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I dont have that in my settings.js ?

I do use the --title command kine option when starting node-red but it doesn't modify the title or the <title>

No, but you can add it.

Who knew.

... OK, so @knolleary knew (and the info info was here)

For anyone interested in setting the page title or header title - above image shows what you edit & what you get.

Every day is a school day.



Exactly what I was looking for. Sorry I missed it.