How to modify Node-RED name on the left side in login page?

Hi. I am trying to modify the "Node-RED" name on the left side in admin login page. However, I am unable to find out where we need to edit. Any kind of help is appreciated.


Go to file : theme.js and modify :

header: {
    title: "Node-RED",
    image: "red/images/node-red.svg"

File theme.js is located in ... node_modules/node-red/node_modules/@node-red/editor-api/lib/editor/theme.js

You do not need to edit the source code to modify the page title.

You can do it with the editorTheme setting:

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Yes, its working. Thanks

@asprakash you have replied to softy2k to say its working. Does that mean you have followed his advice?

Please read my reply - there is no need to edit the source code to do what you want to do. If you edit the source code you will need to edit it every time you upgrade node-red.

The editorTheme setting allows you to modify that text via the settings file.

asprakash, the solution offered by knolleary is better than the one offered by me. I didn't know it could be even simpler, I'm glad Nick came up with explanations.

@knolleary Yes, I followed @softy2k method and it worked. Thanks for pointing out the difference b/w the modification at source level and via settings file.

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