Change Top Logo on the Left

Hi People,

Version: Node-RED version: v3.0.2

I am trying to change the top logo on the left, I followed the documentation, but it is not working.

I followed this doc:

But it did not worked,

What I did:

I added the files into my project under a folder /static/logo.png

I configured the settings.js like this:

httpStatic: "static",

I configured the editor-theme like that:

            header: {
                title: "XYZ",
                image: "logo.png"

But the original logo is never replaced for the new one, when I checked the running UI, I can see the following image url address and never the one that I had configured:


Please, anyone could help?



You need to use the full pathname of the logo file

            header: {
                title: "XYZ",
                image: "/home/username/.node-red/static/logo.png"

Edit - I just checked and it does work with the full pathname, the value of httpStatic is not used for this.

Hey @jbudd

In the end I made it work, and in order to avoid keep this information fixed, I managed to use as the follow:

            header: {
                title: " ",
                image: __dirname + "/static/logo.png",

With that I am able to generate a more dynamic way to move the logo working in any environment or even a container


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I'm glad you got it working.

Maybe you could post your complete solution here for the benefit of others?

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