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Hi all, I wanna change the logo when login to Node-red but I don't know where is this link
"image: "/absolute/path/to/login/page/big/image"
to change the image?

Hi @trintp1999

to change the login logo you need to:

  1. create the image you want to use. It should be 256px x 256px
  2. Edit your settings file and edit the editorTheme section to include:
editorTheme: {
   login: {
        image: "/absolute/path/to/login/page/big/image" // a 256x256 image
  1. Replace /absolute/path/to/login/page/bin/image with the full path to the image you want to use.
  2. Restart Node-RED

I have an image named "abc" in D:\image\abc.png

So I replace image: "/absolute/path/to/login/page/big/image" to image: "D:\image\abc.png" but it's not true.

Try changing the \ for / - D:/image/abc.png

It's still not true :rofl:

Did you restart Node-RED after making that change?

Which settings file are you editing? Have you checked it is the settings file Node-RED is actually using? Node-RED logs the full path to its settings file when it starts.

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