Change the login mask logo

Hello everyone . It is possible to change the logo of the editor login mask.
and also is it possible to customize the login mask of my daschboard ?.

Do you mean this logo?

If so, you need to edit your settings file and update the editorTheme section to include a login section:

editorTheme: {
   login: {
        image: "/absolute/path/to/login/page/big/image" // a 256x256 image

And then restart node-red.

Node-RED Dashboard doesn't provide a login screen with a logo

no I meant if you can customize the login mask of my dashboard? thanks

I don't know what a 'login mask' is. And dashboard doesn't provide any login options other than browser-based simple username/password.

Can you share a screenshot of what you want to customise?

I wanted to customize the login forms of my dashboard.
is it possible? thanks

No, it is not possible.

In addition to Nick’s answer, the login form you show here is part of your webbrowser, rather than Node-RED’s. The page is shown with “basic auth”, which triggers the browser to show that login form. It’s not possible to style this, or change how this form looks. At the very most a short message could be added describing what you’re trying to log in to, but this has to be specified by the page requesting the login. To do this, the page has to add a realm directive to the “WWW-Authenticate” header, which as far as I know Node-RED does not do. This would replace the localhost:1880 part of the form shown by the text specified in the realm. That is as much customisation that can be done to this form, for any webpage really.

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