Change the login mask logo not working now

Hello everyone.

I followed the post here: Change the login mask logo
That post was closed so I started a new one, sorry if that isn't correct.

No matter what I seem to do, the login mask logo doesn't change and stays the node-red-256.png.

I used the same picure file to update the header and that works fine so I feel my path and the file itself are good. Was there an update since the post above that doesn't allow changing the mask logo?

Thanks in advance.

Just to be clear, are you talking about the Node-RED Editor or the Dashboard-UI?

The other thread is clear that there is no way to change the HTTP Basic auth for the Dashboard-UI and includes details about how to make the changes for the Editor.

(There is a bug in the early 1.3.x releases that doesn't honour the alternate Editor image, but this has been fixed and should be in 1.3.2 iirc and if not will be in 1.3.3 which is due RSN)

I am talking about the editor and I am running 1.3.1, so that explains the issue.

Just updated to 1.3.2 and the issue was resolved.

Thank you for the quick reply.

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