Editing the dashboard login interface

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to easily change the dashboard login user interface (image below). The node red editor has a proper login page with a image, but the dashboard does not. Would like to at a minimum remove the "your connection to this site is not private", but adding a logo similar to that of the editor login page would be great.

Dashboard Login

This message indicates that you're not using HTTPS, I believe it's a good thing to leave that there for the benefit of the users... Or, really, you should upgrade to HTTPS :wink:.

As mentioned above.
This is not Node RED, this is your browser, advising you're not using a secure connection to Node RED.

See here to enable HTTPS in Node RED

As far as changing the logo on the login page, see here.

If you wish to go beyond just updating the logo.

Just realised this is specific to Dashboard, but I'll leave it here anyway. :sweat_smile:
The login prompt you are referring to, cannot be customised, as its part of the browser you're using.

Thanks tve

Thanks Marcus

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