Arrange groups one below the other

Hi all,

I'd like to stack some groups so they are appear one below the other. I know that they do this automatically when I change the width of the browser but I'd like to have this as a default / hardcoded.

I searched the forum without success and I wonder that nobody has already asked the questions. Or is the lack of sleep (we have a new puppy that keeps me up at night).


If you want some groups stacked, why not make one group with all the widgets in it?

That would be the simple solution of course.

I like the collapse group function. So if I could place multiple groups below each other and enable the collapse function, I could unfold only the group with the widgets I'd like to see.


The dashboard is a responsive design and the groups are the blocks that move around based on the screen width. You can set widget placement in groups but you can (to my knowledge) fix groups on the page.

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