Array of strings to numbers and naming them

Hello Everyone, I working with a node which outputs an array of 8 strings and I wish to convert these to numbers and name each of the elements in the array. The elements of the array always arrive in the same order. I use the buffer/parser node in my modbus projects to achieve this goal but I don't know how to achieve the same thing here. Any suggestions?

First thing to do is a google search (try javascript convert array of strings to numbers) and see if what you find will solve your problem!

I would look to maybe use a join node in manual mode to join the array elements into a CSV string - and then into a csv node with a template set to the names you want and set to parse numeric values.

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Or a quick little function node:

let stringArray = msg.payload;
let numberArray =;
msg.payload = numberArray;
return msg;

That doesn't achieve the naming of the elements....

Missed that in reading the thread (need that coffee to kick in)

@GRHMLGGT when you say you want to 'name each of the elements in the array' do you mean you want each element of the array to be an object (i.e.


or something else? Can you show whatt he output should look like?

I think you meant ...em1":15... -- def need that coffee !

the CSV node would give you {"item1":15.9337,"item2":-772.04505 ... etc } ie just an object with named properties... not an array... so yes depends what @GRHMLGGT really requires.

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Thanks, I already know that I can use a simple bit of JSONata to so this, but to do it and name all the elements is what I am not sure about.

Here is what I want, this comes from using the buffer/parser node on a modbus project I done sometime ago. Which is each element becomes an object.
Screenshot 2022-11-16 115439

So yes the CSV node can do that for you if you feed it appropriately

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The JSONata expression would be like below except the names array would have 8 elements

    $names := ["one","two"];
    $$.payload#$i.${$names[$i]: $number($)}
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Function node would be like this:

let stringArray = msg.payload;
let numberArray =;
let resultobj = {
    "thing0": numberArray[0],
    "thing1": numberArray[1],
    "thing2": numberArray[2]
msg.payload = resultobj;
return msg;

You will have to add the other names in the code.

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All the solutions offered will do the job! Thanks again for the swift responses.

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