[Article] HowTo: Embed Node-RED in a blog?

Hi There!

So following up from the server less Node-RED topic, I wrote an article describing what can be done with this concussed Node-RED instance.

It describes how it is now possible to not only to provide the looks of Node-RED in a third-party blogs but also the feel of Node-RED - by embedding Node-RED in an iframe - ta-da!

I have finally come to the point where others can experience Node-RED without installing it or signing up for a SaaS solution or frying eggs while flying through a circus tent. I believe that this is a positive step for Node-RED and for getting more folks involved in visual programming and understanding coding in general - which is a personal hobby of mine :wink:

Wishing all a happy new year and: much safety for sliding into the new year (imagine that being said by Werner Herzog)


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