Artless gauge loses graphics after reload dashboard


I'm using artless gauge and very happy so far, but I have one little issue.

When I refresh the site, the gauge loses the graphic show (blue line) of the value. I use controls for load min and max values from context and the actual value I want to display with ui_control. And it works when I change the tab and come back to the gauge again, the graphic is shown. But it doesnt happen when I load the dashboard for the first time. I allways need to change to another tab and then come back again to see the graphic.

Is there something that I'm missing?

This is how it looks like when everything is fine:

This is how it looks like, when I hit F5:

This is my setup:

Is the artless-gauge up to date?

yes it's the last version 0.3.8

Strange then.
Add debug nodes (configure name to debug node so you'll see from where the data is coming) for both flows going to gauge (do it for one gauge only) and show the output what you'll get if you refresh the browser.

I did it so far here are the results. Looks everything fine for me:

OK. You hit the bug. :slight_smile:
But today is happy day and version 0.3.9 0.3.10 is already available.

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works well now so far :slight_smile:
thank you very much

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