Assistance required - Dashboard Dynamic button that can Appear/Disapear on true or false variable

Hi NodeRed guru's,
Really love this project.
Hopefully this is a simple thing but ultimately what I am after is a dashboard button that will appear when for example a scheduled flow runs (for example a reminder) and only disappear when pressed which makes a variable false. Ultimately I am trying to generate a flow that will trigger a scheduled reminder but then keep announcing every 10mins until a person taps the now present button when reminder item has been completed. The schedule portion is all good and I can sus the if not pressed but I can figure how to appear/disappear the button.
The only way I could think of doing this was to enable/disable button node but i can find a mechanism to automate this as this would make for a clean dashboard when all items are actioned.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can put the button in its own ui group then use ui-control node to show/hide disable/enable the group, all is explained in the node info help text.

You can use ui-template node to create a button and use ng-if to show or hide on true/false. I recently posted an example in this thread. Add text to ui template based on javascrip function - #6 by E1cid

That was perfect, UI-control and turning off button in its own group.

Thanks heaps

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