Asterisk AGI connection

I am trying to connect the agi fucntion with asterisk
Did setup the /etc/asterisk/extension.conf with and without s after extensions
and set the ip of the pi with NR in the file with correct port and extension
but nothing on the debug node as output

some one done this before and any idea how to make this work?

If you step back and reread your post, how many people do you think will have any idea of what you are talking about?? I for one have no idea.

Can you explain in more details?? Like what do you mean by 'agi function with asterisk'? Is this something that involves node-red? are you talking about a node? Are you haveing a problem in your flow? Maybe provide your flow???

Google is your friend :roll_eyes:. AGI = Asterisk Gateway Interface? Something to do with telephony (VOIP?). I bet someone in this group has a clue...

ok sorry, yes it is NR related, it is a node,
the flow is only one node so sharing?? mmm

but my idea with this post was to ask some one who has done it before and is triggered with the subject
but you are right that i should ad more info
but i allways try to keep it clean as much as possible and not to much side information like my wife does in a story :wink:

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FYI: The node has not been updated since April of 2016 and the author hasn't been active on Github since then.

Thanks, i think that says enough...
I will try to find another way

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