Originate a call in Asterisk

Hi all,
In my application I want to make a call using Asterisk AMI with the node-red-asterisk-ami-manager in my Grandstream PBX.
The node status is connected and I receive events from the node, but when I try to send the "originate" action with all the parameters, I receive a RequestBadFormat event.
The message I send to the node is sent in msg.payload with the following text:
"action: Originate \ r \ n
channel: PJSIP / 7000 \ r \ n
context: from-internal \ r \ n
exten: 205 \ r \ n
priority: 1 \ r \ n
timeout: 60000 \ r \ n".

Any ideas about the format of the actions?


are you sure it’s supposed to be a string with windows line endings?

Rather than an object?

I'm not sure since there is no information in the node.
I will try to send an object.

Thanks ukmoose for the suggestion, I used an object and it Works.
I have created an IVR on extension 7005 with a warning message and in case of receiving an event, an automatic call is made to extension 205.
This is my object:
msg.payload.action= "Originate"
msg.payload.channel= "PJSIP/205"
msg.payload.context= "from-internal"
msg.payload.exten= "7005"
msg.payload.priority= "1"