VOIP / SIP /caller ID

Anyone ever made à node that can catch caller id from a pre configured sip account ?
A node configured with sip credential that will spit payload=calller ID.
(English is not my first language).

Anyone interested in doing one ?
I will pay you.

It is a bit unclear where that node gets the input from and what the actual input is.

Also the expected output for that node is not very clear. You should provide some more details and context.

Hi janvda,
I currently have an account at www.voip.ms
They provide VoIP services.
So, let suppose i provide my SIP account and password to a NODE.
(ZoIPer for Android - VoIP.ms Wiki)

That node will be in a wait state until an incoming call occur.
On incoming call, the NODE will output (as a payload) the caller ID as a text string.

Just like MQTT Node do.

Example Node configuration :
msg.voip.hostname = "montreal.voip.ms";
msg.voip.port = "5061";
msg.voip.account = "MyUserid";
msg.voip.password = "MyPassword";

Node output:
msg.payload = "Anakin Skywalker"
or depending on the caller
msg.payload ="418-555-1234"

I'm no dev
I'd realy like to have that NODE
Here's some ref.



Best regards

Take care that I am no VoIP specialist !

Is there a VoIP phone (e.g. ZoIPer) that is accepting the call for that SIP account OR
should this NODE handle incoming calls ?

In the latter case how should that node handle incoming calls ? Just ignore them besides outputting a payload message with the caller ID as text string.

Good question janvda,
When you have an account (a main account) with VoIP.ms, you have the possibility to create sub accounts.
One for each device (or softphone) you have.
You also have the possibility to create ring group.
Then you associate this ring group with a phone number (DID).
When someone calls that phone number, all devices in that group will ring.
I will assign a sub account (member of a ring group) to the NODE.
The NODE will listen for incoming call and grab the name of the caller, but never answer the call.
And yes, there will be other VoIP phone in the ring group.

When someone calls my phone number, the NODE will fire.
It will send it's payload to a Google Home assistant NODE for voice notification.
Then I will decide whether to answer the call or not.

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