Sinch has released a package of nodes which integrates with Sinch Voice API. These nodes enables you to initiate and receive phone calls, capture keypad input from users and send voice menus.

The Sinch Voice API nodes consists of four nodes:

Incoming Call node Handles and routes inbound voice calls from the Sinch Voice API for a specific application and Sinch number.
Voice Call node Initiates an outbound voice call using the Sinch Voice API.
DTMF Answer node Captures the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) keypad (0-9, * and #) input from the user response.
Answered Call Event node Stores a SVAML for a call (inbound or outbound) in case of an ACE (Answered Call Event).

To use these nodes, you must have an account with Sinch, a verified Sinch number and a Voice API application. To register for a Sinch account, click here.

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