SIP ringer/strobe

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to alert people about incoming phone calls in a noisy environment. The telephony system is full IP/SIP based. I'm aware of SIP strobes like the ones from Cyberdata but they cost a lot and they're not available where I live.

Does anybody know of a way to capture an incoming SIP call in nodered?


What’s the SIP platform that’s handling your calls? Eg are you running your own asterisk or is it a commercial system?

I’m running MX-ONE v7 from Mitel, and I’m preparing/planning/testing a migration to 3CX.

In that case I would take a look at the webhook options in 3CX I’m pretty sure that it supports firing a webhook for an incoming call, have that call your node red as an http endpoint and then use that to drive whatever lights or bells you want to.

There aren’t any great sip clients for node/Node-RED and trying to get one to register to a specific platform could be quite tedious.
Also from a security point of view keeping sip credentials out of other platforms is a good move

I have been using this software Linphone successfully for a long time. It runs in a raspberry as a service.
I use it to call my phones. I think it should be able to detect a call and therefore activate an action. To look at this side maybe.
Look at this topic I created last year

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