Interfacing Caller-ID to Node-RED

A general question to see if anyone has tried to interface Caller-ID to Node-RED ???

My ISP/Telephone provider here in the UK has just rolled-out free caller-ID, so I thought I'd investigate if the information can be captured and processed with Node-RED.

As usual, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I did when I was given my first steps with Node-RED. I logged some achievements here:

Seriously now, it was only storytelling to introduce Node-RED to students. Anyway i still think it would be a nice project.

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I think you have to need some additional hw to get the info from your land line.

I'm using myself a Fritzbox7490 as internet router, this router has also the possibility to connect land line and phones to it.
With the node-red-contrib-fritz it's then possible to get the caller id in node red and even much more interesting info can get retrieved from the fritzbox.

If you decide to make/buy the hardware, first check with you provider what kind of caller id they have, dtmf,fsk etc.

@Andrei, funny name for your ID-IOT project :wink:

Thanks for your useful information.
As you suggested, I first need to do some basic research/detective work.

Regards from David

Also, don't forget that caller id is easily spoofed and any spam caller will almost certainly be using a fake id.