Async getting list for node config


I'm pretty new with the developpement of nodes, but I didnt found my answer .

In fact, I'm searching a way to fill a config list, with dynamics items, coming from my node .

So, I'm searching a way to contact my node ? I saw we can use /inject/<id> to send an input, but not sure if it's the correct way to do this (because I want a return, and not send a message in the flow), and I didn't find where this is documented to check if I can get another endpoints ...

Did you have any idea ?


THe correct way to do this is to create an API endpoint in your node and call that from the Editor panel for the node.

Check out the serial-in node or uibuilder for examples.

serial in ? this one node-red-node-serialport ?

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Yes, as in this is the endpoint (Julian was talking about) : node-red-nodes/25-serial.js at 5c333db0ddb445442a998452e7c55e89b81e08da · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

that is called from the client side like this: node-red-nodes/25-serial.html at 5c333db0ddb445442a998452e7c55e89b81e08da · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

yes, ok ... I will test it :slight_smile: . Thank you

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