Create or Import Configuration Nodes at Runtime

I don't believe it's possible, but I'll be happy if someone tells me it is. :slight_smile:

I'm using node-red-contrib-cip-st-ethernet-ip, node-red-contrib-dde, node-red-contrib-pccc, and node-red-contrib-s7 in a project that monitors about 50 machines (possibly a lot more in the future, each machine has it's own Pi running Node-RED). I store the tags I'm looking at for each machine in a json file (separate file for each machine) and the flows read that file in so it knows which tags to pair each of my variables up with from the data received from the PLC.

That all works great, but deploying each Pi can be a little time-consuming because all of the tags have to be added to the eth-ip, pccc, and s7 nodes and the DDE endpoint to the dde nodes. I'd like to pass the pertinent information retrieved from my json files to those nodes at runtime to cut down on the time it takes to commission each Pi.

Tagging @machadotiago because he's with ST-One and can maybe implement a way to accomplish this as runtime in future versions of those nodes.

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Hello @ChZeman , it seems like you are a heavy user of all our nodes, that is really nice to know :slight_smile:
Regarding the configuration functionality, this is actually a Node-RED functionality and you can implement in your application by using the standard Node-RED API to implement such a thing.


Thank you! I checked it out briefly just now but will have to dig into that further.


I've been looking at the API docs but I must be missing something. I'll have to keep reading and searching. I don't see anything that clues me in as to how I would go about configuring your nodes at runtime.


Well, I've spent about 6 hours researching the API and nothing seems to be sticking out at me. What am I missing? I sure was hoping there would be a programmatic way to set the endpoints and vartables in the nodes at runtime but I'm just not seeing it.

Looking through the forum more turned up a couple posts where others were looking to do the same thing but a solution was never posted. Another post regarding the API mentioned the same problem I'm having with the docs... nothing is really clear on how to go about it. I'll just assume that the API wasn't meant to be easily understood and continue doing things the way I was doing it before I had what I thought was a good idea. :slight_smile:

No, those are not available. It is a lower level interface than that.

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